November 2003

The letter and the spirit

November 24, 2003

The subtleties of interpreting: it’s not just the words you say that carry the message, you also have to be careful about the tone of your voice. Illustration: I was interpreting in a very long meeting. It was around midday,...

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Posted by céline on November 24, 2003


November 17, 2003

Spam. Now if you use e-mail, you know exactly what I am talking about: unwanted annoying e-mails promising you, amongst other things, a larger organ, a slimmer waist, free money or the end of wrinkles. But why call it spam?...

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Posted by céline on November 17, 2003

Why a blog?

November 11, 2003

Every day I find myself scratching my head, swivelling on my chair or pacing around with a terribly furrowed brow, wondering how on earth I can translate such and such sentence or idea. I thought it might be interesting to...

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