I really thought podcasting was the answer to my prayers. You see, I used to listen to French radio a lot when I was working from home. Now that I work in an office, I don’t spend quite as much time in my kitchen (where lives the only radio in my flat which picks up French radio stations) and as I can’t work while listening to online radios on my headphones, I have a problem. Listening to the radio is essential for me: I can keep in touch not only with what’s going on back in the land of 365 cheeses, but more importantly, with its language and its evolution.
That’s why I got very excited when I read about podcasting: theoretically, I could download French radio programs on my mp3 player and listen to them on my way to and back from work. Perfect! I duly installed ziepod, plugged in my mp3 player and happily prepared myself to download hours of informative programs in my mother tongue.
The problem is, podcasting is still a relatively new phenomenon, and very few French radios are offering their programs under this format. RTL is a pioneer in that field, and offers an excellent choice of programs. However, even though the streaming works very well, meaning that I can listen to the programs online, for some reason they won’t download on my PC. The whole point, for me, being to listen to them away from my computer, this doesn’t help much. Hopefully in the future, most radio stations will offer podcasts of some of their programs; I just hope it won’t take too long!