Guest blogger: Self-employed? Are you paying too much tax?

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By Teresa Noon If you have been trading for a while you may [...]


By | March 29th, 2006|Words|

A term for a flock (of starlings). To see a short video of [...]

Suite française

By | March 27th, 2006|Culture|

Suite française, by Irène Némirovsky, has been translated into English by Sandra Smith [...]

The Simpsons, humour and linguistics

By | March 24th, 2006|Language|

Margaret links to a post on HeiDeas on The Simpsons, linguistics and humour [...]


By | March 23rd, 2006|Words|

This is one of a handful of Basque words I know, it means [...]


By | March 22nd, 2006|Words|

Today, a meeting with my bank led me to discover the origin of [...]


By | March 17th, 2006|Words|

I always assumed that the word re, as in "re your email dated [...]


By | March 15th, 2006|Words|

Sybaritic 1 (with capital initial): of or pertaining to Sybarite or its inhabitants. [...]


By | March 13th, 2006|Words|

Syriana - the title of George Clooney's latest film - is a term [...]

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I'm manically busy at the moment and unfortunately don't have much time for [...]