June 2007

How to organise your emails - update

June 29, 2007

Remember the very brilliant system to organise email that I mentioned just under a year ago? There was a tiny problem with it: although it meant that I managed my inbox much more efficiently, my "Action" folder has kept growing...

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Posted by céline on June 29, 2007
Translator's tools

Translators and networking

June 27, 2007

Up until December 12th, 2006, this website attracted a lot of visits and consequently, a fair amount of enquiries from new prospective clients. It was either on the first of second Google page for searches such as "English to...

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Nimby and banana

June 26, 2007

I do quite a lot of work with local authorities desperately trying to solve the waste crisis in the area, so I knew the term "nimby" (Not In My Back Yard), which describes people who refuse to have anything new...

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Posted by céline on June 26, 2007

To play gooseberry

June 21, 2007

My recent entry on berries reminded me of an email I received from a friend, quite a while back, following a conversation where we debated the origin of "playing gooseberry": I did a quick Google search on "playing gooseberry"...

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Posted by céline on June 21, 2007


June 18, 2007

The morning grey had given way, in the sudden English fashion, to a brilliant, gelid afternoon. Zoë Heller, Notes on a scandal Gelid, adjective Very cold; icy. From Latin gelidus, icy cold, from gel(um), frost, cold. I love being surprised...

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Posted by céline on June 18, 2007

Shrugs, pouts and chopped fingers

June 15, 2007

It’s great being from a country whose inhabitants are perceived as being inherently rude. It means that you can occasionally be bad-mannered and get away with it: people will just attribute your rudeness to the fact that you were brought...

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Posted by céline on June 15, 2007

More translators' blogs

June 13, 2007

Here are a few newish translators' blogs I've recently become aware of. Algo más que traducir (Spanish) Talqualmente (Portuguese) Translator power (English) Masked Translator (English) There's something about translation... (English) Se habla English? (English) The progressive translator (English)...

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Words ending in -berry

June 11, 2007

I was interpreting last week and I got really stuck at one point. What was it? When our host mentioned photovoltaic solar systems? Was it when he pointed out the groundsource heat pump or went into great detail in...

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Posted by céline on June 11, 2007
Technical corner

Diary of a fledgling translator, Part 1

June 6, 2007

Céline invited me to share on her blog my journey as I start a career as a freelance translator. She thinks it will be informative and educational for others planning on doing the same thing. For me, the thought process...

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Posted by céline on June 6, 2007

North-East of England

June 4, 2007

I’ve brought you a present back from the North-East and it gave me an idea. I’m starting a new category called Regional Accents, in which I’ll try and collect, as you might have already guessed, regional accents of native speakers...

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Posted by céline on June 4, 2007

Mystery castle

June 1, 2007

This castle appears in a famous film, which features an English Queen and a French King who both conquered England 400 years apart. What's the name of the castle? For maximum points, if you're feeling very clever, you can...

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Posted by céline on June 1, 2007