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It's Friday and it's been a busy week, so I thought I'd tell [...]

From our lips to your ears

By | July 25th, 2007|Freelance Translation|

From our lips to your ears is a project aiming at sharing interpreters' [...]


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Origin: 1525–35; < Upper It articiocco, var. (by dissimilation) of arciciocco, arcicioffo < [...]

Translation and specialisation

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A fellow translator posted an interesting question regarding specialisations on one of the [...]

Translation or localisation or what?

By | July 15th, 2007|Freelance Translation|

Just imagine: it's Friday night, a couple of friends have just turned up [...]

The lion’s share

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The UK currently accounts for the lion's share of web budgets This sentence [...]


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I pulled a hamstring last night. That'll teach me to play football with [...]

Volunteering and translators

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I think Marie's idea of doing volunteer work is very good, whether you're [...]

Diary of a fledgling translator, Part 2

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Part 1 Whereas the first part of this diary was a description of [...]

Être la lanterne rouge

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The Tour de France is starting in London this weekend. The Guardian has [...]