February 2008

New* translation blogs alert!

February 19, 2008

Blogging translator Diario di un traduttore Pasión por la traducción Thoughts on translation Las palabras son pistolas cargadas Freelance translators from scratch *new to me!...

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How not to network

February 15, 2008

A certain atmosphere in the office tells me it is time for another round of drinks. I save my translation, get up and start collecting my fellow workers’ mugs. Tea? Coffee? Wild berry and vanilla infusion with a dash of...

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Diary of a fledgling translator, Part 5

February 11, 2008

Part 4 ended with the resolution to focus more on actually translating rather than spreading myself too thin in too many networking and socialising events, and I managed to do it for most of November and December. I worked on...

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Posted by céline on February 11, 2008


February 7, 2008

An email sent in 2003 by an assistant district attorney in Texas to congratulate a junior prosecutor because he "overcame a subversively good defence… that had some Canadians on the jury feeling sorry for the defendant" reveals that "'Canadian'...

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Posted by céline on February 7, 2008

Translation and accidents

February 4, 2008

I am injured. Productivity will be down and I’m going to struggle to meet all my translation deadlines. Serious illnesses and injuries are the bane of a freelance translator’s life, as they prevent us from working and hence, from earning...

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