For those of you who will be in the UK on Christmas day, do not miss Belleville Rendez-Vous, 7pm BBC2. This is how it’s described on my TV guide:

    Quirky feature-length animation from the imagination of Sylvain Chomet. Old lady Madame Souza is determined to rescue her Tour de France-obsessed grandson from the Mafia, who have kidnapped him. She is supported by her faithful sidekick, the fat and elderly dog Bruno. An epic adventure leads them across the Atlantic to a vast seaport metropolis named Belleville.

It’s a French/Canadian/Belgian animation film with hardly any dialogues. It’s fantastic. Amazing. Hilarious. Moving. Clever. Gorgeous. Superlatives and expletives come to mind, but you’d accuse me of being an overexcited southerner who exaggerates everything.
PS: It’s the best EVER.