Holidays. I hate them. Ok, I don’t HATE them, but I do find them traumatic. And I know from spending way too much time on translators’ forums that I’m not alone.
I think that, when you’re self-employed, however well you’re doing, there is always a deep-seated fear that it’s all going to go wrong and that everything you’ve worked so hard at building is going to collapse like a pack of cards (please feel free to interject). I’m always concerned that just that week that I’m away, I’m going to get THAT phone call that will give me THAT amazing job that is going to change my life forever. And also that when I’m back, relaxed and raring for work, clients will have got fed up with me not being there and will have crossed me off their address books.
Why not redirect my phone to my mobile and buy a laptop to be able to check my e-mail? Well, because people keep telling me that everyone needs a break from work. To recharge their batteries, they say. As a result, I have tried several times to smuggle the main unit of my PC but have always been found out.
Of course, when I get back, clients are still there and nothing much has changed. Besides, there is one aspect of holidays that I really need and relish, and that is spending all my time with my loved one for a few days. That is the one thing that stops me from chaining myself to my desk and makes holidays a wonderful time. So I think I’ll stick with them for the time being, albeit somewhat reluctantly.