Here are the translations I’ve found for blog:

  • Blog
  • Blogue
  • Weblog
  • Joueb
  • Webjournal
  • Carnet Web
  • Carnet virtuel
  • Cybercarnet
  • Blog-notes

From this list, I like carnet Web, because it is quite short and accurately describes what a blog is: a logbook on the Internet. However, my favourite term has to be blog. It’s simple, short, and I like the sound of it. Lots of people disagree with me though, as you can see from this cyberdiscussion on La Grande Rousse’s beautifully written blog.
I have no problems with borrowing words such as this. The Internet is one of the drivers of globalisation in the sense that it allows people thousands of miles apart to share common experiences. Does it not make sense to use the same words to express these common experiences, thus transcending international and language boundaries?
This issue, of course, raises the question of the galloping anglicisation of the French language. The Internet is a huge cultural influence these days, and as the USA is leading the way in terms of its development, most of the new tools and concepts that are and will be appearing will have English names. As French people adopt these tools and concepts, they inevitably have to call them something and for me, it is natural to also use, or borrow, the English term.
Interestingly, there are official bodies that monitor the French language. The Académie française, always nimble on its feet, should have an opinion on the question around 2035, and Canada’s Office de la langue française has picked blogue as its favourite. However, it is usage that determines what words stick around, so it will be interesting to see which one will be more popular in the long term.