This blog is one year old today. I started it for purely professional reasons, to offer something different to potential clients and to stand out from all the other translators’ websites out there. I never thought that it would actually become a full-blown hobby and that I would enjoy writing it so much.
I’ve learnt a lot and I have greatly benefited from it, from a personal as well as professional point of view. It prompts me to stop and think about my job and what I’m doing, it pushes me to learn about topics I might not have researched, and the comments from readers often give rise to stimulating exchanges.
Feedback from so many different people also makes me feel connected to other human beings who are interested in similar things, which is crucial to me, as I often wish I didn’t have to work on my own. So I’d like to thank you all for reading this blog, contributing to it and making a lonely French translator feel a little less isolated!