I found an article talking about a poll designed to determine the most irritating English phrases. This is the result:
1 At the end of the day
2 At this moment in time
3 The constant use of "like"
4 With all due respect
I must say I refuse to let myself be wound up by anything to do with language, which should be a constant source of joy, but I cannot stand "At this moment in time". What next? "In this place in space"?
A similarly irritating French expression, which seems to have found a home in most people’s vocabulary back where I come from, and particularly my sister’s, is "c’est clair" (it’s clear, used to express your agreement with whatever has just been said). Even my Significant Other (whose French is still disappointingly minimal, after all these years living with a Française) spotted it. We felt we had to adopt it too and tried hard for a while: "It’s going to rain, isn’t it?" "C’est clair" "Fancy a cup of tea?" "C’est clair" "Where’s the remote control?" "C’est clair". It got silly and we gave up in the end.