Yesterday I watched last week’s ER. One of the medical students had to do a shift in psychiatry and it turned out one of her patients only spoke Klingon, the language of the alien species from the same name in Star Trek. Her supervisor told her that due to demand, they had to hire a Klingon interpreter. Now ER couldn’t make that up, could they? I had a look on the Internet, of course, and was amazed to discover that it actually happened. A CNN article tells us that last year, the Multnomah County hospital sought to hire a Klingon interpreter because they had mental health patients who wouldn’t speak any other language. They later decided they should spend their money on other things.
The creator of the Klingon language, Marc Okrand, actually designed it with a proper grammar and vocabulary. As a result, it has evolved into a complete language, spoken by only a few enthusiasts, granted, but still, it’s out there.
I must say he did a fantastic job in terms of its phonetics: it’s a harsh-sounding language that makes the Klingons even more realistic as a violent and brutal species. They don’t speak to you, they eructate and spit and growl at you. Not only do they look and act scary, they also sound terrifying when they speak, which rounds off their character.
Star Trek nerd, moi?