I managed to spend the entire holiday without feeling too guilty about not doing anything and was rewarded with a 45,000 word project when I finally allowed myself to get back to my computer. The deadline is tight but the subject very interesting. I’ve taken it as the universe, worried to see me so useless at taking time off, trying to show me that it’s okay to have a rest. I’ve promised myself I’ll take the lesson on board.
Anyway, we played countless games of Trivial Pursuit this holiday and one of the questions was particularly interesting. “Which Belgian town starting with S, where Romans discovered hot mineral springs, gave its name to a health establishment?” I hesitated for ages between Brussells and Bruge, the only two places I could think of, and went for Bruge. It turned out to be Spa. The day after, I was reading the Sunday Times and there was a full article on spas according to which Spa is actually an acronym for Sanus Per Aquam (health through water). So which one is it? Do we really owe spas to Belgium or is Spa an acronym?