You know the expression "to call a spade a spade"? Well, in French, it’s "appeler un chat un chat" (To call a cat a cat). And here, it’s raining cats and dogs, but in France it would be raining halberds (il pleut/tombe des hallebardes). I do love idioms, although one of them is giving me problems at the moment: "to stay ahead of the power curve". I’ve got until Friday to work that one out. Also, I was kindly advised to "get a life" by a reader recently; I still haven’t managed to find a French equivalent for that expression and it’s driving me UP THE WALL.
Still more problematic idioms : "Is the pope a catholic ?". I think I’ll translate it as "Quelle question !" (what a question!) or "Bien entendu !" (or course!) or "D’après toi ?" (what do you think ?), for now, as I can’t think of anything better.