Apologies to everyone who has written to me lately and is still waiting for an answer; things have been very hectic here at Naked Translations Headquarters, as they always are before Christmas. One e-mail kept my attention, however, because it asked a question which is very easy to answer: what is an average day for a translator?
The answer is: there is no such thing. To demonstrate why, I will compare three Thursdays, last week’s, this week’s and next week’s.
Thursday 1 December
8:30am: get up
9am: watch Frasier
9:30am: walk to the office (the long way, via the seafront)
10:15am: arrive at the office, chat for a bit, check my email, read the news
10:45am: go to the gym
Midday: back in the office, translate
1pm: lunch + scrabble
2pm: translate
4pm: go out for a walk on the beach, bank, post office, do a bit of Christmas shopping
5pm: back at the office, reply to a few emails, send a quote for a new job
5:30pm: go home
Thursday 8 December
6:30am: get up
7:30am: translate
10:45am: go to the gym
Midday: lunch + read the papers
12:30: translate
7pm: go home
(ok, that was a lie – I was planning on working until 7pm, but by 5pm, I had had enough and went for a drink with a friend. But I should have worked until 7pm. And now on Friday morning, it’s 7am and I’m writing this instead of working. When will I learn?)
Thursday 15 December
7:30am: get up
9am: meet French and English clients and start an all-day interpreting job
10:30pm: go home
So you see, there is no average day, and this is possibly what I love most about my job. You never quite know what the day, let alone the week, is going to bring. Of course this requires adapting constantly to varying circumstances, which really suits my character. I can’t imagine doing the same thing, and the same hours, every single day (although I wouldn’t mind the regular paychecks and the sick pay), and I LOVE being able to decide what jobs I will and won’t take on. Freedom, I think it’s called.