I’ve been head-hunted! How exciting! I’ve been asked to apply for a position, and this is the deal: three months in the office of a local translation agency to work on the translation of a new video game; I’d be in charge of liaising with translators, editing their work and ensuring consistency. Then one month in Tokyo, all expenses paid, to implement the translation in the end client’s office.
Obviously, this is not a decision to be made lightly, so I’ve made a pros and cons list:

  • Excellent project management experience
  • Breaking into the video game translation industry


  • The salary offered is less than half what I earn normally, but I’ll try and negotiate
  • Will I lose all my clients by disappearing for four months?
  • Will I actually enjoy this type of work?

I’d love to hear from colleagues who have taken a break from their freelance activity, or who have undertaken similar work, as I have no idea how this might impact my freelance career. What do you think? Fantastic opportunity or dangerous trap?