I was reading about the French film festival in Brighton when I saw that they were showing The 400 Blows, by François Truffaut. Tut, tut, I said to myself. This is a literal translation of the original title "Les 400 coups", and like many literal translations, it is wholly inappropriate. A coup can indeed be translated as blow, but it can also mean stunt or trick, and it is the case here: the title "Les 400 coups" is taken from the expression Faire les 400 coups, which means to lead a very wild, undisciplined life, like Antoine Doinel, the main hero of the film, does.
As this expression doesn’t exist in English, they had an opportunity to be completely creative and come up with a new title for the English audience. Anything would have been better than a literal translation of part of an expression that has no direct equivalent in English.