Yesterday I accompanied fifty French farmers (okay, it was more like forty-seven, but fifty sounds better) around the beautiful, beautiful Sussex countryside, where they were looking at how their English counterparts are dealing with change in their industry. It was such a great day: I got to interpret while fighting off a dog trying to get friendly with my leg, made a mess of fertiliser names, tried perry for the first time, got on a tractor, had to point out the ruins of various castles and places ransacked by the French (I am pleased to confirm we all refrained from pillaging the place further), tried lamb so good that Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver put it on the menu of their restaurants, and a horse tried to eat my bag! And guess what, as if all that wasn’t exciting enough, I was even given a hamper full of French goodies at the end of the day.
It really isn’t a bad job at all.