What? The last Friday of the month and no guest blogger? Well, the colleague who kindly offered to write this month’s entry had an unexpected rush job to attend to and will deliver his entry later than expected, so we’ll all have to be patient.
I thought I’d tell you instead about my week. It’s been manic; just under 9,000 words to translate (long days!) and two days out interpreting. I’m not sure why, but unusually enough, I was very concerned in the run-up to my interpreting assignment: I was worried that I hadn’t interpreted in a few months and was rusty. It was the beginning of a new project, on a topic that I was familiar with, but it was with people I didn’t know very well and so wondered what new things were going to be thrown at me. I know that I find it quite intimidating to have so many pairs of eyes constantly on me, and I feel some pressure knowing that they all are relying on me to understand each other and communicate efficiently. All of a sudden and for no apparent reason, I doubted my competence as an interpreter.
I shared my concern and lack of confidence with friends last weekend, one of whom (thank you Kathryn!) warmly recommended I used rescue remedy, which is meant to have a great calming effect. I tend to be sceptical of natural products and think that they mainly work thanks to the placebo effect, but I thought I’d give it a go if needed. On Tuesday morning, my nerves had transformed into full-blown anxiety, so I tried it. I don’t know whether it was due to the rescue remedy, but I felt very calm all day. My assignment went very well and I really enjoyed it as usual. So there. I have no idea whether I have rescue remedy to thank for it, or whether I regained confidence all by myself, but I had a great couple of days and feel confident in my interpreting skills again. For now at least!