Too much work means that I haven’t got time to blog at length at the moment. Outrageous. I’ll just give you a few links that have been brought to my attention lately. I’ve finally updated my links page by the way, and there is a lot of interesting stuff, even if I say so myself, so have a look!
The Language Guy is a blog that offers long challenging posts about language and Translation in the trenches is very funny and sometimes raises oh-so-familiar issues, particularly this post on survival advice for translators who dare to leave their desk. Thanks to Margaret, who really has her finger on the blog pulse, for mentioning them. Blethers is written by Stuart Mudie, a Catalan, Spanish and French to English translator living in France. I like the mix of translation/communication/web issues he brings up.
I’ve also added three sites where translators can volunteer for worthy causes. So far I’ve only done work for the Global Women’s Strike, but I’m planning on contacting Translators without borders when work slows down. The UN online volunteering site also looks like a good way of filling up those idle days where the phone doesn’t ring and all the email you get tries to turn you into a prescription drug or online poker addict.
While I’m at it, does anyone know good blogs in Spanish? I’m desperately trying to find ways to revive my rusty Spanish and reading Spanish blogs might be the way, until I finally find an appropriate course.