A few interesting things I’ve read recently in the blogosphere:
Americans learn how to speak in English (via Transblawg)
… and Geordie!
The entrenched translator on how to use free association of words in your translation work
Geoffrey K. Pullum’s analysis of the way Yoda talks, which prompts Eric Bakovic to ponder the issue of language and science-fiction
Robin Stocks informs us that Eurodicautom will no longer be updated, but is being replaced by IATE.
Finally, two new French blogs in my links section:
Dans tous mes états, because it is so well written.
Technologies du langage, for its in-depth analysis on what’s going in the language world.
And one English blog:
The Language Legend, which has been going since March 2004, how come I’ve missed it so long? (via Langwich Sanwich)