Collapsed ceiling
… and one thing only: that the sky may fall on their heads.
Well, it (almost) happened to me on new year’s eve. The photo shows the ceiling of my study as it now looks; my desk is exactly below the bit that collapsed. Scary, isn’t it?
Fortunately, the study was empty at that time. I am now officially without an office to work in, and probably will be for a while; it’s going to take time to sort it all out. For now, I’ve relocated to the living-room table. It’s going to make my work a bit more complicated, especially as I’ve got huge amounts to do this week, and blogging will probably have to take a back seat.
However, the overwhelming feeling is relief, as those big blocks of Edwardian plaster that fell from a height of 3.20 metres only caused two casualties: my keyboard and my mobile. Nothing short of a miracle, considering how much time I spend in front of the PC…