I tried for a long time to work out the best way to save my data. I was terrified that I would turn my computer on one morning and hear it implode (it happened to me once) and lose the latest projects I had been working on, with deadlines looming, or walk into my office and find it emptied of all its content. I copied my files on several CDs, which started forming a precarious pile in a corner, as I have approximately 3Gb of data that I wouldn’t want to lose. These backups were far from being regular, and didn’t really solve the immediate problem of safeguarding all my work, including my latest documents.
I also thought about buying an external hard drive, but there was little point in it living next to my computer: in the eventuality of a burglary, the thieves would no doubt take all the equipment they could. I couldn’t really imagine carrying it around with me, as these things are fragile and, frankly, it would have been a bit of a pain.
So in the end, I decided to backup my data online. I settled for backupdirect, because when I compared their services to other providers, it seemed to me that they offered good value for money (4Gb for £20 a month). It’s proved incredibly convenient. Every time I shut my computer down, all my data is incrementally backed up on an external server, meaning that my hard drive is scanned and that only the files that have been changed or added since the last backup are saved, so it only takes a few minutes. I can access my data from any computer, which is very handy: two weeks ago, I was working in a client’s office when I got a call from another client asking me something about a translation I had sent them the day before. I was able to access the document there and then and to answer my client’s question. It’s easy, convenient and it gives me peace of mind. Burglars? Breakdowns? Pah!
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