Quiet times

It feels ironic to be writing about how to use quiet periods to make sure they don’t stretch for too long when I’ve been turning work down almost daily in the last three weeks (hence the lack of regular posts lately), but it is something I’ve meant to do for a while.
Instead of fretting, I try and use my free time sensibly, even if it just means settling down with a good book or going down to the beach to top up my tan. After all, one of main perks of being freelance is that you can do whatever you like, and having some quality time during a quiet week makes it a lot easier to be chained to my desk 10 hours a day during a busy week.
I also try and do some marketing, mainly through my website. It does require an enormous amount of work, but it has definitely paid off; I have made excellent contacts with clients who found me after doing a search like "French translator" or "French translation" (my top two search keyphrases according to my statistics, with the third one being лещен; does anyone have any idea what that might be?). I also started using Google Adwords last month, and this has led to a 25% increase of traffic to my site so far and to a few enquiries, although my huge workload at the moment is not linked to it, as I’ve been kept busy by regular clients. However, I’m sure it will pay off at some point, as I’ve already had to turn down a couple of big projects from interesting new clients who came to me via this site. I just hope they’ll try me again when I’m not so busy…

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I am Céline Graciet, a freelance English to French translator. Since 2003 I’ve been writing on all sorts of areas linked to translation and the life of a translator.


  1. David W Solomons August 16, 2005 at 5:05 pm

    Looking at the code in Unicode it comes out in Cyrillic and the roman letter equivalent is lyeshchyen. However it is Bulgarian, not Russian, so it is actually Leshten, a town in Bulgaria. Have you ever been there? Curious third keyword for a French translator LOL 🙂
    Kind regards

  2. David W Solomons August 16, 2005 at 5:21 pm

    Further thoughts on the Bulgarian town – maybe you translated a brochure for it?
    Curiously the only google hit for “French translation” and “Leshten” as written in the original language appears here (see March 31st 2005) and I don’t know whether “Tim” knew what it was either 😉
    Third possibility – the Leshten tourist board has been spamming search engines very effectively 🙂

  3. céline August 16, 2005 at 5:25 pm

    I’ve never been to Bulgaria, and Leshten is mentioned nowhere on this site… very, very odd. But thanks a lot for the info David!

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