Yesterday I received this email, sent from the "contact céline" page on this website.

"Dear Celine

I work in the International Development Department at the University of X. We are undertaking an evaluation of aid, and we are looking for a French to English translator for our X country report. This is an urgent request as we are receiving draft chapters this week and next, and we need them to be translated asap.

I would be happy to speak with you if you would like to know more about this project. My direct line is xxx xxxxxxx.

Of course we pay competitive translation rates."

The good:

  • Clients finding me via this website.
  • Extremely interesting-sounding job.
  • Client seems pleasant, organized and communicative.
  • I’ve never had a potential client try to allure me by mentioning the competitive rates they offer (they more often insist on the fact that they are looking for a competitive rate).

The bad:

  • I don’t translate into English. *sigh*