The French have a fondness for borrowing English words that actually don’t exist. After le parking, (where you park your cars), le camping (where you park your tents), here comes le testing. Now I know testing exists in English, but not in the very specific meaning it’s been given in French. It is a strategy used by organisations fighting against racism to uncover discriminatory practices by night-clubs. They send black and white people and "Beurs" (French people of Arab origin) to clubs; if only white people are let in, they can safely conclude that discrimination is taking place, and as the French judicial system has validated this method, the clubs in question can be prosecuted. According to an article in the Nouvel Obs, la "nuit du testing" organised in July by SOS Racisme uncovered that 40% of the "tested" establishments practiced discrimination.
This reminds me of the French expression "délit de faciès" (délit = offence, faciès = face), which means that you’re immediately suspected of being a criminal because of your foreign looks (for example, one could argue that the Brazilian Jean-Charles de Menezes was killed because of "délit de faciès"). I can’t think of an equivalent in English, so I would have to resort to a paraphrase to translate it.
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