I went from receiving around 150 spam emails a day to around 3. The best thing is, I used a simple method that everyone can apply provided they have a gmail account. Gmail is the webmail program from Google; it is excellent at spotting spam and it is possible to use it to filter your emails before they reach your inbox if you want to continue to use Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, or some other email client on your computer. And you don’t have to change your email address.
Here is the method: first you set up a gmail account for yourself (if you need an invitation, contact me), and add your other email address as an additional account. You can make it your default account, if you like, so that when you send email from Gmail, it is done using your other address. Then you need to go to your mail server and set it up so it forwards all your mail to your gmail address. This is normally possible in the settings bit of your mail program, but you might need some more advanced access. Then, you change your pop3 settings in your email client to look at Gmail instead of your old server. Two great things about this: first, when you want to access your email using Gmail (when you’re away from your desk for example), the sent mail also gets downloaded to your email client, so you can keep track of all of your emails. Second, gmail keeps a copy of all your emails, which is really handy when you’re not at your desk.
Et voilà! All your genuine mails will reach your inbox while the spam will be neatly tucked away in your gmail account’s spam folder. There are lots of references to this method out there (Mboffin.com, Jeremy Zawodny amongst others). It works!