Le Bureau

So it turned out that The Office was a huge hit in the USA; I explained before why I thought it might be difficult to adapt, and was proved wrong. I haven’t seen the American version, but apparently they changed very little from the original ; this trend of humour clearly exports well. Now, it is going to be adapted in France, and of course, I am very interested in how they will deal with it. Office life is completely different in the UK and in France; for example, from what I’ve heard, colleagues rarely socialise in France, whereas going for a drink after work on a Friday is practically compulsory on this side of the Channel. According to Yahoo! Actualités, "in "Le Bureau", adapted from the Office, François Berléand has "reinvented from the text" the character of the boss. References to British culture have been deleted, but the "unease that staff may feel when hearing their boss make a stupid joke”" remains universal." (my translation)
I can’t wait to see it!

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