Last week I was interpreting when one of the people in the group asked me whether I had a business card, as she might need to use my services at a later time. I scrabbled around in my bag and found an ancient card, bearing the wrong email address and no URL for this website. I had been meaning to order new ones for ages and cursed myself for finding more fun things to do instead.
The day after this happened, I received a sample of moo MiniCards, which I had ordered a couple of weeks beforehand. They were gorgeous, and you’re allowed six lines of text at the back. That’s when I had a Eureka! moment: why not use colourful holiday photos from my hard drive and turn these funky quality little cards into business cards? Here is the result:
Different, aren’t they? I received 100 (10 of each design) for $19.99 four days after ordering them. Bargain!