My friend Paul recommended Karyn Greenstreet’s website to me. It contains lots of resources and articles on freelancing, including one called Are you cut out to be your own boss?, in which she gives a list of desired personality traits if you want to succeed in self-employment:

    1. Tenacity.
    2. Self-worth.
    3. Sense of humor.
    4. Willingness to do the dirty work (the tasks that you hate to do).
    5. Willingness to learn new skills.
    6. A deep desire to be independent.
    7. Willingness to take acceptable and calculated risk.
    8. An ability to deal well with people.
    9. A passion for what you do or sell.
    10. Resourceful and creative.
    11. Willingness to ask for help.
    12. Self-disciplined.
    13. Self-motivating.
    14. Willing to do the personality "foundational work" to help yourself and your business.

I agree with all of them, although 14 puzzles me slightly. Is it really possible to "learn" to be tenacious or resourceful?