The excellent Word of Mouth on BBC Radio 4 has signed off until April. The last edition was particularly interesting and dealt with glossolalia, or speaking in tongues (go to the Word of Mouth page on the Radio4 website and click on "Listen to the latest edition"; it starts approximately at 7’40” and finishes 19’21” and probably won’t be there very long). The programme included testimonies of people who have experienced glossolalia, and who explained that when they are speaking in this way, they are expressing themselves in a language that God understands, the language of heaven. They also interviewed a neurologist who has studied subjects particularly gifted at speaking in tongues. His research used brain imaging to track changes in blood flow in the brains of his subjects. He found that the frontal lobes involved in controlling actions and speech shut down when people speak in tongues. According to what your beliefs are, this might either suggest that God takes over people’s brains and talks through them, or that they get themselves in a state where they just lose all control and deliver incoherent speech as a result.