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Office buddy Paul blogs about the launch of Amazon’s ebook reader, called Kindle, like his company. This new mobile device leaves him very sceptical and I share his sentiment. The digital format may be conquering the world of music, but I can’t imagine the same happening with books, especially considering how unattractive this new toy is.
Amazon’s introductory video
Steven Poole’s opinion (in the Guardian)

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  1. Jemima November 22, 2007 at 10:14 am

    I think it’s amazing that Amazon have failed to make Kindle sexy – it was such a key factor in the rise of the iPod. Remember, though, that the iPod was not the first effective MP3 player – it was the first player that was easy to use and attractive. Amazon’s Kindle makes ebooks easy because it removes the need for computers and that’s why I think it has a good chance of being a success. Like the first generation iPods it’s got a way to go – colour screens, better web browsing, nicer design etc. but the basics, in my opinion, are right.

  2. céline November 22, 2007 at 10:23 am

    The main reason why I wouldn’t consider buying it is that I don’t feel the need to carry lots of books with me at all times; even when I’m on holiday I never take more than 3 books with me. I like the idea of having access to digital versions of any newspaper, wherever I am, but I can already read them online on my PDA. Last but not least, I’ve got enough devices/chargers to carry around!

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