So, where was I interpreting yesterday? You’re allowed two visual clues:
You lot are too clever. And quick! I was on a RIB (Rigid-hull Inflatable Boat) visiting the Kentish Flats off-shore windfarm, the biggest in the country, off Whitstable. I went there by train and my heart sank when I got to London and it was snowing. Interpreting on a boat open to the elements in the middle of a blizzard in the North Sea isn’t my idea of a good day’s work. But the weather ended up being glorious, the visit interesting (the windfarm is very impressive) and FUN (those boats are like inflatable rockets!). I highly recommend the visit to anyone visiting pretty Whitstable, and I certainly will be back to go and have a closer look at the Shivering Sands Forts which I could see in the distance while bobbing around the wind turbines.