When I wrote my entry about Spring, I came across the expression "to be no Spring chicken". I mentally translated it as "ne plus être tout jeune" (to no longer be quite as young as one used to be). However, I knew that there was a better equivalent out there. I was listening to yesterday’s RTL program "On refait le monde" on my way to work this morning (I love podcasts) when one of the journalists said of Bayrou (who came third in the election race) that "ce n’est pas un perdreau de l’année". Literally, it means "he’s not a partridge born this year", and it’s the perfect translation for "to be no Spring chicken"!
Another poultry-based expression which is very real for me at the moment is "cold turkey". I’m having two wisdom teeth taken out this afternoon under general anaesthetic and so I’m not allowed tea or coffee this morning. Or lunch. I’m not happy. Come on, bring a smile back on my face and give me a more inspiring translation than the slightly boring "être en manque" for "to go cold turkey".