When people ask me what I love about being a freelance translator, I always mention the freedom that I get from it. Not only being my own boss, but also the fact that I can work from absolutely anywhere in the world and so am not tied to one place. Of course, in eight years I haven’t taken the opportunity to take advantage of that, as I live in a place that is ideally suited to me. Why change?
But now, for entirely personal reasons, I’m planning to move to Leeds. This being a professional blog, I will talk about what it means for my business (I would need an entirely new blog to explain how I feel about leaving my beloved Brighton and its wonderful people). Well, it’s simple, really. I just need to give Naked Translations Ltd’s new details to my clients and notify Companies House. I get very little post anyway; my work is sent to me by email and most of my invoices are paid electronically. And that’s it.
My main concern was to find a shared office in Leeds, as I couldn’t bear the thought of working from home again. So we went off to Leeds last week, where we spent a few days looking for a home and an office. I’m happy to report I found a shared office in a brand new building; it is light, airy and very pleasant indeed, with only six desks, but the manager assured me that as soon as it’s filled up, they can easily take down the partition separating it from the office next door to create a bigger space. I’m pleased I found somewhere to work and meet people, but I know I’ll miss the the motley crew of lovely, funny and intelligent people I’m currently sharing an office with. Sob.
I’ve started preparing for my new life in the North by downloading Northern Word.
The menu is quite different:
As are the alerts:
Useful. Next, I need to harden up and learn to walk in sub-zero temperatures in a tee-shirt – it’s not a legend! I’ve seen them!