One of my new year resolutions for 2009 is to attend at least two conferences. It’s something I’ve never done and I feel like it’d be a great opportunity to learn new things, meet people and broaden my horizons. That’s why I’ve registered for Think Visibility, which is "for people who develop, design, manage or oversee websites". The schedule looks great.
Why this conference, which has little to do with translation? Well, I’ve managed this website in a rather amateurish fashion so far, learning from friends and various articles on the Web, and I lack a clear understanding of what makes a website really attractive to search engines. That’s why I’ve asked a lovely coworker to look at search engine optimisation and general usability during the redesign of this website (which I’m very excited about!), so I can start afresh on a solid base.
Hopefully the conference will give me some of the tools I need to carry on managing the site properly once the redesign is live and hence marketing my services more efficiently. Besides, with more and more websites needing localisation, I might even make a few contacts who could be interested in my translation services. Who knows? I’ll let you know it goes.