Since moving to Leeds, my working pattern has changed. In Brighton, the office where I was working was so full of lovely people that I was perfectly happy to spend long hours there, which was conducive to blogging. I spent the last six months in Leeds in an office where I wasn’t feeling comfortable, which meant that I only spent the minimum amount of time there and blogging suffered. Although I have now moved to a new office where I’m really happy, I probably won’t be writing three posts a week like I used to do: other things have taken precedence, like a Spanish course, discovering my new surroundings and spending more time with my other half, who is more available. Besides, in almost five years and 485 posts, I often feel like I’ve covered most subjects that interest me and run the risk of repeating myself.
I still come across lots of valuable information and sites, however, and that is why I’ve been looking for a way to share all this without having to write time-consuming posts. Enter Twitter. I first heard about it ages ago, then one of my new office buddies, who is a big fan, recommended I had a look at it. Coincidentally, Sarah at There’s something about translation wrote a post about it. I signed up and was immediately seduced by its flexibility, ease of use and potential. Although it is often referred to as “microblogging”, I believe it can coexist with a blog and add a different dimension to it: it’ll allow me to stray slightly from the world of translation and language and talk about other things that interest me on personal level as well. It will also mean the blog will be a better reflection of what I’m up to and into. Although I still won’t post as much as I used to when I was in Brighton, this blog will be regularly updated through Twitter and of course, I’ll still dedicate posts to issues/subjects that I can’t fit in 140 characters!
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