… it’s been quiet around here lately? Here’s the reason why:
Yes, that’s me.
Well, not really. But I am going skiing for a few days, which has meant that I have had to work extra hard since the beginning of the month to get all my translation work done before going away and be able to enjoy the mountains fully.
I’m going to the French Alps with French friends and I’m seeing this as an excellent opportunity to immerse myself in my native language for a few days. I’m packing a couple of French novels, Muriel Barbery’s Une gourmandise and Mathieu Terence’s Technosmose for the journey, both recommended by the lovely owner of the librairie de la rue en pente, which I never fail to visit whenever I go to Bayonne. I’m also hoping to read as many newspapers and magazines as I can while resting between spectacular falls jumps.
See you next week!