When Karen got in touch with me about guest blogging here, I wasn’t sure that a post on resources for French language learners would be entirely appropriate to this blog, but then I received her article and was so impressed by the quality of the sites she lists that I decided to share them with you. I hope you find them interesting.

20 Free Online Resources for French Language Learners

Whether you’re planning your dream vacation to France or just want to learn the French language for fun, the resources you need are just a click away. From online courses to language learning communities, the Internet has loads of French language resources that are feely available to anyone with a computer. Here are 20 free online resources for French language learners to try:
Carnegie Mellon – Carnegie Mellon offers a free French I and French II course for self-learners. These courses feature interactive video, self-guided materials, and activities.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT provides several free French language and literature courses that can be taken online. Through the use of assignments, activities, and other resources, these courses teach an understanding of vocabulary, grammatical concepts, and active communication.
FSI Language Courses – The FSI Language course offers an introduction to French phonology and basic concepts. Within this free course, learners can find 10 chapters on phonology and two basic course volumes covering 12 units each.
FrenchAssistant.com – FrenchAssistant.com is a free French learning site that provides learning through lessons, tests, and more than 150,000 audio samples. This site also allows students to track learning progress and compare their progress with that of other users.
The French Tutorial – The French Tutorial is a great place for beginners to learn the French language. The free standard edition of the tutorial features a free 6-day mini course covering vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.
BBC – The BBC offers an all-in-one beginner’s course and a 10-part talk French video. Learners can also get a crash course in holiday phrases and French slang.
wordProf French – This site, originally developed as a French teaching CD-ROM, provides over 600 basic vocabulary words with audio recordings. The site also offers interactive scenes, online lessons, and vocabulary tests.
Loquella – Loquella features 30 hours of free audio and text French lessons. The site also provides MP3 lessons for purchase.
Learn French – This About.com site features thousands of audio files and a community forum for French learners. Additional resources include a blog, lessons, study tips, how-to’s, and a French e-course.
Bonjour – This teaching site provides free audio lessons for learning basic French. Bonjour allows users to listen to and repeat greetings, expressions, and beginning vocabulary.
Jump Gate – This site features a free French language course to help you understand the written language. The course has nine lessons covering pronunciation, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and sentence structure. Jump Gate also provides additional vocabulary resources, expressions, and idioms.
Radio Lingua Network – The Radio Lingua Network offers four podcasts to help French language learners. Podcast episodes run from 2-20 minutes and are aimed at beginning and intermediate level students.
FrenchSpanish Online – This free learning site offers basic French vocabulary for beginners. FrenchSpanish Online also features a tool for conjugating a verb in French.
Livemocha – Livemocha features free online French lessons for beginner and intermediate level students. Language lessons cover speaking, reading, and writing.
French Revision – French Revision has loads of interactive exercises for individuals who want to learn how to read, write, and speak French. The easy-to-use site was designed for ages 11-18 but works well for adults too.
Learner.org – This site features a series of free video for high school, college, and adult learners. The series includes more than 50 half-hour videos to increase fluency in French.
Speak 7 – Speak 7 provides resources for speaking and understanding the French Language. Resources cover vocabulary, grammar, and phrases.
Tex’s French Grammar – Tex’s French Grammar uses an epic love story to entertain and engage French learners through vocabulary and grammar. This site also features a large selection of MP3 files to follow text resources.
iTalki – iTalki is a free online language learning site that incorporates web 2.0 resources. French learners can use this site to find language partners, courses, groups, and answers to questions about French language and culture.
L’Argot – L’Argot provides five free lessons in French slang. Throughout this site, learners can also find audio files for vocabulary, contractions, and an English translator.
Guest post from education writer Karen Schweitzer. Karen is the About.com Guide to Business School. She also writes for OnlineCollege.org, an online college resource.