mouse“Look! I have a wobbly tooth!” says my niece Jasmine, who is six.
“Brilliant! Will you put it under your pillow so the little mouse comes to get it?”
“A MOUSE??! In my BED??!”
Cross-cultural confusion alert! Backtrack or the little girl will never go to sleep again, terrified that her bed is about to be taken over by tooth-loving rodents.
“The fairy! I meant the fairy! The lovely tooth fairy!”
Although no one knows for certain the origin of the little mouse and the tooth fairy, it looks like they might come from a French fairy tale called La Bonne Petite Souris, where a fairy turns into a mouse to help a good queen defeat an evil king.
Jasmine recovered from her shock. After all, this is the auntie that once told her that chocolate was brought by, wait for it, not a rabbit, but BELLS at Easter. Whatever next?
Mouse photo by PixCat