nuts and boltsI spent last Monday interpreting in East Sussex. After a busy day, we all ended up in a lovely pub with an interesting history in Lewes to have dinner and talk about forthcoming projects. Little did I know that a major incident had only just been averted thanks to the keen eye of the British lead partner.
A few days earlier, a menu had been sent to the French partners so they could make their choice for dinner. For the main course, one of the options was “nut roast”, which was translated as rôti de noix. The problem was that, in French minds, rôti is almost inevitably associated with meat, and noix happens to be a cut of meat: “eye” in English. So the meat-loving French all picked the nut roast. Thankfully, the British project lead knew that her counterpart wouldn’t be impressed with a meat-free dinner, so she made sure he was served a good old steak-frites. The others got their nut roast (which I translated in French as terrine végétarienne) and enjoyed it.
The translation of cuts of meat is generally very difficult and I haven’t managed to find a good English to French glossary on this subject. If you know of one, I’d be grateful if you shared it with me, otherwise I’ll have to compile one myself!
Nuts (and bolts) photo by paulmoody
Thanks so much to my Twitter buddy @falena84, who gave me links to a beef glossary.
Also on Twitter, @neliafahloun chirped in with a very nice post on buying meat.