I haven’t shared any new translation and interpreting-related blogs in a while, mainly because these days, there are so many of them that I already struggle to follow the better ones. However, I thought I’d share two that I’ve particularly enjoyed recently. The first one is a new discovery: it’s not a blog, but a tumblr called A good speech a day keeps the doctor away and illustrates life as an interpreter through gifs. It’s hilarious.
The second has been a bit of a surprise. When my friend Beth went off to spend a year in Sri Lanka working with Volunteer Work Abroad (VSO) as an occupational therapist specialising in mental health and announced that she was going to write a blog, I expected to enjoy following her adventures, but I couldn’t have anticipated quite how brilliantly she’d convey her new life. Some of her posts are relevant to anyone who has had to adapt to life in a foreign country and learn a new language, particularly Lost in translation’s murky waters, Falling down a hole, In praise of my penguin and my favourite, Gremlins, monkeys and mischievous spirits, where she realises quite how tricky interpreting can be.
Photo of Sri Lankan elephants by Beth