disappearing road
Back in May, I did a bit of website maintenance and mentioned a couple of tools I used, including one that detects broken links, which happens when a site is taken offline, or when a page has moved. Not only does it affect your visitor’s experience, it can also be detrimental to your Google ranking, as it is taken as a sign that your site is poorly maintained.
Believe it or not, I finally managed to delete all the bad links on this site, and in the process of it, I learned that this phenomenon has a name: linkrot (or link rot). As always with technological terminology, this term has mainly been borrowed in French, or translated literally with pourrissement des liens, although a periphrasis seems more popular: le problème des liens brisés/périmés/obsolètes is more commonly used.
This is certainly making me think twice about posting too many links, and instead of using a straight link to the content I’m referring to, I might now also quote the relevant passage so my blog posts don’t completely lose their substance with time. For Mac users out there, I found an excellent ally against link deliquescence.
Photo by me, on the Lindisfarne causeway