Jill made me smile with her post I don’t have a plan and that’s okay too. I completely understand where she’s coming from, even if I find it useful to take some time to reflect on how my work is going, and how I could improve it. For me, this is a way to focus and ensure that I do whatever I can to succeed in my work, like when I gave myself vague pointers in January 2010, which was useful. Some were good for me in terms of career progression (attending webinars and workshops, getting two more direct clients in the field of international development, keeping up to date with developments in the translation industry), others showed me paths I shouldn’t follow (giving presentations and webinars, which I’m not very good at, and business networking, which just doesn’t work for me).
This year however, I won’t be giving myself any pointers, even vague ones, as I seem to be plodding along quite nicely with the tools and strategies I’ve developed over the years. I have thought of offering other language pairs by outsourcing work to respected colleagues, but this would turn me into a project manager, and what I love is translating, full stop. This doesn’t mean that I’m forever stuck doing the same thing, in the same way: translation tools evolve, and with new clients come new challenges and new subjects to learn.
So what’s the plan for 2012? Carry on doing the best job I can for my existing clients, carry on using this website to market my English to French translation services (see what I’ve done there?) and hopefully make a few new interesting contacts. Happy new year everybody!
Compass photo by Walt Stoneburner.