Was it really January last time I blogged? Even though my reappearance coincides with the arrival of a late and tentative spring, I didn’t go into hibernation in protest at a ridiculously harsh winter. In fact, I’ve been out a lot, taking in the rain, the freezing cold, the snow, the hail and whatever else the British weather decided to throw at me. Freelancers talk a lot about the famed work/life balance and how they struggle to get it right, and in my case, the balance swung wildly from “work” to “life” when I discovered golf and found that I absolutely had to play as often as I possibly could.
This is not to say that I’ve neglected my work. Deadlines have been met, and files have been duly translated from English into French, and clients didn’t notice any change in the way I dealt with their projects, but something had to give, and my online activities had to take a back seat while my new offline passion flourished. I’m fully aware that I’ve gone over the top, and that to succeed, all freelancers need to constantly work on marketing their services, but this is only temporary: the days are getting longer, and soon I’ll be able to play after a full day’s work, which will include looking after this blog and my Twitter and Facebook accounts, which are my favourite networking platforms. After a few months of putting the “free” back in freelancing, I will be redressing the balance and dedicate more time to the long-term health of my career. Soon.
Live-blogging golf picture by Mike Licht,