Le texte suivant est source de désaccord entre Paul et moi. Je pense qu’il contient une erreur grammaticale, tandis que Paul est convaincu que malgré cela, la phrase sonne bien, ce qui la rend correcte. Sa cliente est d’accord avec lui. C’est un cas très intéressant, car pour moi, c’est, du point de vue technique, une erreur grammaticale, mais qui fait tellement partie de l’usage courant que les anglophones n’y voient pas d’inconvénient. Qu’en pensez-vous ? Vous la voyez ?

We work with stone. We make stone work for you.

We select it, shape it and design ways in which stone can become your own statement of creativity and enduring permanence, in your home or in your business.

Our experience and love affair with stone spans fifty years. We employ the most skilled stonemasons who have had an association with stone almost all of their working lives.

We welcome enquiries from private individuals and the commercial sector, we regularly enjoy close creative partnerships with designers and architects, and we offer a trade service to fireplace retailers. Projects can range from individual homes to major corporate installations.

Applications are limited only by your imagination.